How to Support Nonprofits as the Economy Reopens

As someone who works for a nonprofit, my heart aches for all of the incredible organizations struck by the unfortunate luck of the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations do a lot of good both worldwide and in small communities. Even with the opening of the economy, a lot of the organizations are still hurting and may continue to do so. Already tight budgets could become a lot tighter in the year to come. Here are just a couple ways you can lend a hand to nonprofits and make that burden just a bit easier.


Not all nonprofits will reopen immediately. The nonprofit world can be a complicated one and no two nonprofit organizations are the same. When they do open, one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference is to volunteer. There is often a lot of work to be done for just a few people, so volunteering your time and hands can be one of the most beneficial ways to support a nonprofit.


Things are tight right now, which is a story most small nonprofits are familiar with. If you have it to spare, purchasing a membership or donating to a nonprofit is a great way to make a difference. Before making a decision on where to donate, research nonprofits in your area to truly make a difference in your local community.


One great way to make a difference with a nonprofit that doesn’t involve time or money is to get involved online. Like their page, share their posts, and spread their mission. Word of mouth communication is the best way to spread news about an organization- often leading to the organization forming connections with other people who can make a difference.


4 Best Outdoor Experiences in Southeast Texas

I LOVE being outdoors. The SETX sunshine is just the thing to cure any of my bad days. Luckily for me, SETX has plenty of “medicine” in its parks. If you love hiking, biking, exercising, or just plenty of Vitamin C this list is for you.

Cattail Marsh

The boardwalk at Cattail Marsh. Photo Credit: Rodney Brannan.

Cattail Marsh is exquisite. The 900-acre park, paired with a hike and bike trail is surrounded with natural wildlife and plenty of sunshine on a good day (so make sure to pack your sunscreen if you’re pasty like me). The marsh comes complete with a boardwalk and two gazebos on the water for snacks, photos, or just to enjoy the breeze. This hike and bike trail is perfect for people who are active with plenty of space to run, walk, or bike. My boyfriend and I also love going to the Cattail Marsh just to enjoy the boardwalk and breeze together. Just make sure you#dontfeedthegators!

If you stop by, make sure to check out the calendar for the Wetlands Education Center and enjoy some yoga or coffee paired with a beautiful view.

Pleasure Island

Fun Island Depot at Pleasure Island. This place looks like every kid’s DREAM playground. Photo credit: Rodney Brannan.

I am in love with being on or near the water, and I have a wave tattoo to prove it. (#basic.) If you’re like me, you have GOT to visit Pleasure Island!! Whether you’re on a boat or just sitting by the water, Pleasure Island is a must. From sailing, boating, and camping to enjoying Fun Island Depot with the kiddos, this place has something for everyone!

Big Thicket

We’re so lucky to have a National Preserve to enjoy in SETX. The Big Thicket National Preserve is FREE to enter AND has several educational resources for families and teachers. My favorite part about enjoying the Big Thicket is the canoe trips and hikes that are hosted by the Big Thicket Park Rangers; which are also FREE to attend! For adults, look out for their night hikes that explore the forest by the full moon. For families with kids, make sure to check out their Junior Ranger program and get involved! You can find another calendar of events here.

Folsom Hike and Bike Trail

Folsom Hike and Bike Trail is my favorite place for getting an outdoor workout. The trail is paved, making it great for runners and bikers who prefer flat surfaces (or those like me, who love to run but trip often). The benches placed around the trail are perfect for enjoying the sun or getting in a quick high-intensity workout. One of the best things about the trail is the Texas-sized friendliness of those who frequent it. So make sure to check it out, and say hello to those you see!

Enjoy these additional shots of me being extra
Photographed by Rodney Brannan


Hi, Y’all.

Probably the best I’ve ever looked in a picture. Photo credit: Gabbie Smith / Gabpics on FB

If you’re a frequent blog reader, you’re probably saying to yourself “Just what we need, another travel blog.” You would be exactly right. Except, like most ordinary people, I don’t have the resources to travel the world. So, I decided to start this blog on loving local finds. Things to do, places to shop, and restaurants to see (my favorite part). Maybe with just a little bit of myself thrown in along the way.

I’m also a full-time graduate student and I work a full-time job. When I told a coworker about starting this blog, she asked “You’re just puttin’ all your irons in the fire, aren’t ya?” YES! Here’s why,

  • I’ve always been in love with writing
  • I have also always been in love with travel, even travel in my own city (and on a millennial’s budget).

SO, here we are. At Love Local. I don’t consider myself a terribly interesting person, but here are a few things about me in case you disagree.

  • Why would I want to put myself out there so publicly? Well, I am a glutton for self-punishment. That, and my undergraduate degree is in Theatre and Dance, so I guess you just kind of get used to it.
  • I used to keep journal after journal after journal, but after going through two historic floods in two years, I decided I needed something a little more permanent.
  • I love connecting with other people. So send a message and let’s chat!

You’re not locked into reading any of this, but if you do stick around you might get some laughs along the way.