How to Support Nonprofits as the Economy Reopens

As someone who works for a nonprofit, my heart aches for all of the incredible organizations struck by the unfortunate luck of the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations do a lot of good both worldwide and in small communities. Even with the opening of the economy, a lot of the organizations are still hurting and may continue to do so. Already tight budgets could become a lot tighter in the year to come. Here are just a couple ways you can lend a hand to nonprofits and make that burden just a bit easier.


Not all nonprofits will reopen immediately. The nonprofit world can be a complicated one and no two nonprofit organizations are the same. When they do open, one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference is to volunteer. There is often a lot of work to be done for just a few people, so volunteering your time and hands can be one of the most beneficial ways to support a nonprofit.


Things are tight right now, which is a story most small nonprofits are familiar with. If you have it to spare, purchasing a membership or donating to a nonprofit is a great way to make a difference. Before making a decision on where to donate, research nonprofits in your area to truly make a difference in your local community.


One great way to make a difference with a nonprofit that doesn’t involve time or money is to get involved online. Like their page, share their posts, and spread their mission. Word of mouth communication is the best way to spread news about an organization- often leading to the organization forming connections with other people who can make a difference.

Author: Shelby Dryden

I am the Assistant Director of a small non-profit that operates historic house museums. I love what I do and where I live.

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